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Treasury Time-Lock

The Daily Task Force (DTF) is responsible for all funds and assets that leave the treasury. When funds are to be sent to another wallet a DTF members will set up the payment and multiple DTF members then need to approve the transaction with their wallets i.e. multi-signature (multi-sig) functionality.

Once a majority of DTF members have signed/approved the transaction there is an automatic 48-hour time delay before the assets actually leave the treasury wallet and all of this is handled by a smart contract.

All MetFiers have full visibility and 48-hour notice of funds scheduled to leave the treasury with the ability to veto (cancel) any scheduled transaction.

Each NFT owner has one veto vote per scheduled transaction. When 51% of NFT owners veto any scheduled transaction the transaction is automatically canceled and the funds remain in the treasury.

When the 48-hour time period elapses without a 51% veto vote an ‘Execute’ button will appear that any MetFier can click which then releases the funds from the treasury. Funds will not leave the treasury until the ‘Execute’ button has been clicked.

There is one exception to this execution click rule and that is when a system upgrade is occurring as a special sequence of events must be followed and only the developers can initiate them.

Giving community members a 48-hour window to veto a transaction is an extra layer of security to prevent an unauthorized or fraudulent transaction from leaving the treasury and gives all MetFiers ultimate control over the funds held by the Treasury smart contract.