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Token Distribution and Presale

MFI token was deployed as a fair launch. No MFI tokens were preminted or presold. First, initial liquidity was provided to the MetFi treasury in the amount of 204,600 BUSD. The treasury then purchased the DAO NFT #10 (Humpback) for 102,300 BUSD. This is the first position in the MetFier rewards matrices and is 100% owned and held by the treasury.

The treasury then followed the recommended balanced staking strategy and purchased an additional 102,300 BUSD of MFI tokens that it staked to the DAO NFT - the vast majority of these MFI were burned in July 2022 and while a small balance of MFI remains on the DAO NFT they will soon be burned in a future burn event.

The DAO NFT is unsellable and will forever remain in the MetFi treasury.

There was no:

  • Seed sale,

  • Private sale,

  • Public presale,

  • or any other type of NFT or MFI token presale or gifting.

All total supply of MFI tokens has been either minted by the treasury abiding by the strict minting policy described above or have been bought from the open market.

There was no launch pre-announcement or marketing prior to the token launch. The whole community and token holdings are the result of the organic growth of a great project.