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MetFi DAO has a community of over 1012 members at the time of writing (21 days after launch). It is a fully decentralized organization that is not reliant on any single DAO member or developer. The project has been designed to function in a decentralized and autonomous manner with on-chain execution.

The developers of MetFI DAO wish to remain anonymous as some of them hold high-level positions in other non-competing organizations. They also place a value on living peaceful and private lives.

Furthermore, complete control of the DAO will be incrementally handed over to the community as quickly as is responsibly possible and in such a way that the handover doesn’t negatively impact the operations of the MetFi ecosystem.

MetFi belongs to you! YOU are the MetFi DAO team!

Making their intentions clear…

On June 9, 2022, MetFi locked 25,005 LP tokens to a smart contract for 5 years that were valued at approximately 2.5M BUSD at the time of locking - making MetFi rug proof for 5 years.

Liquidity Contract:

Txn Hash:

Liquidity Lock:

Unlock Epoch Time: 1812016456 (check epoch time at