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Buying and Staking MFI Tokens

Buying and Staking MFI Tokens when Purchasing First NFT

When an individual is purchasing their first NFT they are presented with the option to purchase and stake additional MFI tokens. The cost of these additional MFI tokens will be added to the price of the NFT and displayed similarly to any eCommerce checkout page.

The current MFI token price determines the number of additional MFI tokens that the purchaser receives.

10% of each NFTs purchase price is gifted to you in complimentary MFI tokens. Only the NFT purchase price is used for this calculation, not any additional tokens that you have purchased.

All purchased and complimentary MFI tokens are automatically staked and eligible to receive staking rewards at the next staking rewards distribution event.

Buying and staking additional MFI tokens is not an option when upgrading an NFT. At the moment an NFT is upgraded all staked tokens are automatically transferred to the highest NFT to receive the highest possible APY.

Buying and Staking MFI Tokens in the App

The “staking” section in the app is where MetFiers buy and stake additional MFI tokens. The interface is easy to use and may or may not offer a price discount price on MFI tokens.

After confirming the transaction in the app, the tokens are transferred and staked to the NFT.

Buying tokens within the app is a MetFier rewards event.

The treasury can buy MFI tokens directly from the liquidity provider, mint new MFI, or a mix of both depending on market conditions and what parameters have been set. When buying MFI from the liquidity pool the BUSD is sent directly to the liquidity pool and MFI is retrieved. This action has a direct impact on the token price. When minting new MFI, the BUSD is sent directly to the treasury.

Buying MFI on the Open Market and Staking

An NFT holder may hold unstaked MFI tokens in their wallet. For example, they may have purchased them from an exchange. The unstaked MFI can be staked to the NFT using the “staking” section in the app and clicking the “stake” tab. Tokens will be immediately staked to the user’s NFT and begin earning APY.

Staking tokens from a wallet that purchased the tokens from the liquidity provider is not a MetFier reward event.