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Staking is the yield-generating component of the MetFi ecosystem. To receive a yield on MFI tokens an individual must hold an NFT and stake MFI tokens to the NFT. The highest NFT held in the user wallet determines the Annual Percentage Yield (APY) that the individual receives - there is no other method of staking within the MetFi ecosystem.

The APY is fixed and never fluctuates. APY ranges from 100% to 1000% per the following table.

#1 Shrimp 100%
#2 Crab 200%
#3 Octopus 300%
#4 Fish 400%
#5 Dolphin 500%
#6 Shark 600%
#7 Orca 700%
#8 Whale 800%
#9 Whale Shark 900%
#10 Humpback 1000%

The average APY across the entire ecosystem is 288% at the time of writing.

Staking rewards are distributed in the form of MFI tokens. The staking rewards add the APY proportional number of MFI tokens to the NFT. Rewarded MFI tokens are automatically staked to the NFT and therefore compound.

Staked MFI tokens are held in a separate smart contract that is connected to the NFT. Tokens from this contract are only claimable to the wallet that is holding the NFT at the time of the claim i.e. actual transfer from the staking contract to the wallet holding the NFT.

APY is determined by the NFT level that the wallet holds at the exact time of the reward payout. So, if an individual purchased their first NFT or upgraded their NFT one block before the reward payout they will receive their staking reward based on the highest NFT that they are holding on all of their staked tokens. NFT holders can see the exact time of each reward payout in the “Staking” section of the app.

Staking rewards are distributed every 12 hours.