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MFI Multiplier (Staking)

MFI Multiplier is the DeFi staking component of the MetFi ecosystem that adds new MFI tokens to your NFT every 12 hours. You must own an official MetFi NFT for your MFI tokens to multiply. The highest NFT held in the user wallet determines the MFI Multiplier that the individual receives - there is no other method of staking MFI within or outside of the MetFi ecosystem so ignore anyone telling you otherwise as it will most likely be a scam.

MFI Multiplier for each NFT has been hardcoded into the smart contract and ranges from 1x to 10x per the following table.

Shrimp is a 1x MFI Multiplier so if you started with 1 MFI you will have 2 MFI (1x) at the end of the year and if you own a Humpback you will have 11 MFI (10x).

You can start from as little as 100 BUSD (Shrimp) and buy as much MFI as you want or buy higher NFTs that multiply MFI faster. MFI is always staked to your highest NFT so you always receive the correct MFI multiplier and you can upgrade NFTs at any time.

#1 Shrimp 1x
#2 Crab 2x
#3 Octopus 3x
#4 Fish 4x
#5 Dolphin 5x
#6 Shark 6x
#7 Orca 7x
#8 Whale 8x
#9 Whale Shark 9x
#10 Humpback 10x

Real-time average MFI Multiplier across the entire ecosystem can be viewed on the statistics page.

MFI Multiplier rewards are distributed in the form of MFI tokens every 12 hours. The multiplier rewards add the proportional number of MFI tokens to the NFT. Rewarded MFI tokens are automatically staked to the NFT and therefore compound.

Staked MFI tokens are held in the staking manager smart contract that is connected to every NFT. Tokens from this contract are only claimable to the wallet that is holding the NFT at the time of the claim i.e. actual transfer from the staking contract to the wallet holding the NFT.

MFI Multiplier is determined by the NFT level that the wallet holds at the exact time of the reward distribution. So, if an individual purchased their first NFT or upgraded their NFT one block before the reward payout they will receive their multiplier reward based on the highest NFT that they are holding on all of their staked MFI tokens. NFT holders can see the exact time of each reward payout on the ‘Staking’ page of the DApp.