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Treasury Contract

The treasury stores all MetFi DAO funds that are held by the ecosystem. These funds can be used to invest in assets and projects and to fund DAO-related expenses such as marketing and development.

Beside the Token Collector contract, the Treasury Contract is the only contract that can mint new MFI tokens. MFI tokens cannot be minted manually and they are limited by specific actions that must occur within the ecosystem for them to be minted (Treasury).

The treasury can hold many different tokens. Each token has a separate smart contract called a treasury extender and on top of that a treasury allocator. This allows the treasury to invest in, and track other tokens. At the time of writing the treasury holds and tracks MFI (staked in DAO NFT), BUSD, and LP tokens.

LP tokens are received as proof of share in a liquidity pool. MetFi provides liquidity on PancakeSwap and in return, it receives the liquidity provider fees from trading on the decentralized exchanges.

The treasury also holds the main position in the matrix (MetFier Rewards System).

Treasury Contract: