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Publishing Smart Contracts

MetFi DAO has published the following smart contracts:

  • MFI Token Contract
  • MFI Voting Power Calculator
  • MFI Liquidity Lock

Solely as a precautionary measure, all other contracts have not yet been publicly released, making it more difficult for an attack, hack or exploit to occur. It also prevents easy forking of code.

Being one of the largest smart contract protocols ever built took substantial time and effort. Allowing a 3rd party to quickly and easily fork code could jeopardize the likelihood of MetFi DAO becoming the world’s #1 Metaverse and Web3 incubator and that is a risk that the DAO is not willing to take at the time of writing. It would also allow bad actors to present themselves as MetFi, scam the crypto community, and tarnish MetFi DAO, and the broader crypto sector’s reputation.

However, private contracts do require a leap of faith from the community.

The community could request the DAO to publicly release the contracts, but this is strongly discouraged and may be very dangerous to do so before all of the code has been fully audited and the project has good traction, a trusted reputation and a good head start on the likely competition that will quickly follow.

All publicly released smart contracts can be viewed on MetFi DAOs GitHub: MetFi DAOs GitHub.