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MetFi Smart Contracts

MetFi DAOs platform is innovative, immutable, and transparent. It is pushing the boundaries of what blockchain technology can do.

The platform is comprised of 37 inter-connected smart contracts working synergistically to produce a flawless, autonomous system with provable and immutable records on-chain.

Many years of research and development from some of the most talented mathematical and programming minds have been encapsulated into the code.

Over 7000 lines of code have been carefully written into the smart contracts and double the number of lines for the front-end application.

This makes MetFi DAOs platform one of the biggest smart contract ecosystems ever deployed on-chain and it can never be altered or deleted. The ecosystem has literally been designed to last forever.

All of the platform’s major functions can and will be fully automated with on-chain community voting execution.

To accommodate for the possibility of unforeseeable requests from the DAO, custodians can be appointed to execute requests on behalf of the DAO using multi-signature (multi-sig) functionality.