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MetFi DAO, its protocol, and ecosystem, is a radically innovative project built on an already revolutionary technology called blockchain. The protocol and ecosystem have been built from the ground up and is already in unchartered territory seeing that a project like MetFi has never been previously deployed to the best of our knowledge. MetFi DAO has pushed the very limits of smart contracts, DeFi, and on-chain execution to levels never seen before.

As with all new ideas and protocols, participation in the MetFi ecosystem comes with a high degree of risk. Never spend more than you are willing to lose and only proceed if you are prepared to bear all of the consequences that may come via your participation, which includes but is not limited to, losing 100% of your funds.

Hacks & Exploits

MetFi DAOs code was written by experts and security was and remains a top priority.

All smart contracts have been audited by Certik who confirmed that they function exactly as the whitepaper states and whilst unlikely, there is always a chance, as with any other organization and government in the world that MetFi may be the victim of a hack or exploit that could result in the loss of 100% of your funds.

MetFi DAO has taken and continues to take all the necessary steps to prevent such an occurrence.

Private Keys

Never share your private wallet keys or seed phrase with another person, including any MetFi representative, or any person claiming to represent MetFi. MetFi will never ask you for your private keys or seed phrase under any circumstances!

Team Members, Administrators, and Moderators

MetFi representatives will never initiate contact with you by sending you a private message (PM) on any of our social media channels and you will never receive an email from MetFi DAO unless you have specifically chosen to do so.

An official administrator or moderator may ask you to open a support ticket in our Discord in the ‘Support’ channel which is the safest method for you to share your information with us as these messages are in a private and confidential chat window.

Alternatively, you may be asked to send an admin or moderator a private message in Telegram so that they can help you resolve your matter privately, but before you initiate contact always check to confirm that the title ‘admin’ is in the top right corner of their chat message in the main Telegram group.

Even then, never share your private keys with anyone and never click a link that you are asked to click as doing so could remove all assets from your wallet, including your MetFi NFT, MFI tokens, and unfortunately there is nothing that MetFi can do to stop it or return your assets to your wallet.

MetFi is growing rapidly and while all efforts will be made to stop bad actors from gaining an official role a bad actor may slip through the cracks and try to deceive you and steal your assets so always be suspicious and always proceed with extreme caution.

If you see or experience unusual or suspicious behavior immediately alert a MetFi admin and the MetFi community in Discord or Telegram.

MetFi DAOs official social channels can be found at


Do not believe anything you hear or are told about MetFi DAO outside of official MetFi channels and only then if the information comes from an official MetFi team member. Even then proceed cautiously at all times and ask questions if you have any doubts or concerns.

MFI Token Value

The market determines the price of the MFI token. MetFi DAO makes no guarantees on the price of the MFI token at any moment in time, now and forever.

Code Bugs

MetFi DAOs code was written by experts and thoroughly tested before its deployment on May 21, 2022. Not a single bug has been discovered since deployment and all MetFi smart contracts were audited by Certik in July and August 2022 and Certik did not discover any critical findings.

Nevertheless, there is always a possibility that a bug or error will be found in the code at a future date. If the bug is not critical MetFi DAO will vote on whether to correct it. If it is critical and cannot wait for a DAO vote to pass the MetFi DTF should fix the bug or error at the earliest possible opportunity.