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MetFi Matrices

When a new NFT is minted it is permanently positioned in a unique 3 x 10 matrix structure. Each NFT is placed in its corresponding matrix. The MetFier hybrid algorithm determines the exact location of a new NFT in the matrix. There are a total of 10 NFTs in the NFT collection so there is a maximum of ten (10) matrices that each MetFier can participate in with their NFT.

Each NFT that you own is eligible for a matrix position and therefore customer and affiliate accounts are both eligible to receive Matrix Rewards.

Matrix positioning is determined by the member connections that are made with a Level #1 NFT and can be carried over into subsequent matrices. You make primary member connections by referring customers and affiliates to MetFi that purchase an NFT via your referral links or upon them entering your username at the time of purchasing. Each of your personally referred users will become an important primary connection to your NFT #1. The system tracks all user connections immutably and permanently on-chain.

Matrix positions fill evenly from left to right and create secondary connection between users. The MetFier hybrid algorithm preferences primary over secondary connections, meaning it will always try to place your primary connected users as close as possible to your matrix position in any of the 10 available matrices, assuming that at the time of placement you also hold an NFT of the same level and matrix.

You are not alone in the matrix. There are other users that may help you, but they also compete with you for earlier positioning in higher matrices. The optimal strategy to maximize your MetFier rewards is to create as many primary connections as possible and upgrade to the highest level NFT before everyone else which adds an important gamification component to the protocol.

If one of your primary connected users upgrades to a higher level NFT before you, they will permanently overtake you in that NFT level matrix and you may lose some BUSD rewards in that matrix. As the primary connections are made on the first level, you can overtake them again by upgrading to a higher level NFT before them.

MetFier rewards is an exciting and dynamic rewards system that requires skill and commitment to maximize rewards.

Affiliates can learn more about matrix positioning in this matrix tutorial after acquiring their NFT and connecting to the MetFi DApp.