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Matrix Statistics

The MetFi DApp generates and displays statistics such as:

  • Total Members: the total number of unique wallets holding an NFT in any matrix across the MetFi ecosystem,

  • Total Team Members: total NFTs in all of your matrices,

  • Personally Enrolled: the number of all NFTs in matrix number 1 that purchased their NFT through your referral link, typed in your username, or that you gifted an NFT to.

Dashboard view in the DApp displays how many NFTs you have in each of your matrices. The number is displayed directly below each of the NFTs that you purchased. When you click on an NFT and scroll down to ‘Matrix Info’ there is a breakdown by matrices that tracks how many NFTs are on each level of that matrix.

There are extensive statistics about all of your rewards and other important information on the ‘Statistics’ page inside the MetFi DApp. Most of the statistics are self explanatory with some having additional information that will be displayed when you hover over the info (i) icon.

Everyone can view more general and comprehensive statistics here.