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Customers and Affiliates

Anyone can buy an NFT as either a customer or affiliate and both NFTs have for the most part the exact same benefits with a few differences as explained below.

You can think of a customer NFT as a user only account that generates MFI Multiplier and ‘passive’ MetFier rewards and an affiliate NFT as a business account.

Affiliate accounts have more content and tools inside their Decentralized App (DApp) to help affiliates promote and manage their business such as marketing materials, MetFier Rewards tracking, Matrix reports, and personal referral links.

Affiliates have 2 unique referral links that they can share with potential customers and affiliates while customers do not have any affiliate links (Referral Links).

Customers can become an affiliate for free by opting in at the bottom of the ‘My Account’ page inside their DApp. Affiliates cannot become a customer. Customers and affiliates receive the same MFI Multiplier and benefits as each other.

N.B: Customers receive ‘passive’ BUSD MetFier Rewards when an NFT is placed in any of their matrices.

Customers can actively participate in MetFier Rewards by scrolling to the bottom of the ‘My Account’ page inside the DApp and clicking ‘Become an Affiliate’ and follow the prompts – this action cannot be reversed.