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MetFier Rewards Program

In MetFi DAOs first, 21 days - 1012 community members purchased at least one NFT resulting in 969,756 BUSD value of MetFier reward disbursements, representing 32% of all BUSD that MetFi received for NFT purchases and MFI token purchases from the app. That’s an average of 958 BUSD per community member.

These numbers are expected to grow as more people learn of MetFi and buy their first NFT and as some existing community members upgrade their NFTs. More community members are also expected to qualify for higher performance-based MetFier rewards.

These results show that the MetFier Rewards Program is an excellent community builder, creating a large and engaged community quickly and efficiently. As such it is an integral part of the MetFi system but not imperative to MetFi DAO financial viability and success. It just helps MetFi grow faster, more efficiently, and it’s also more enjoyable to see community members being rewarded.

The MetFier rewards program is possibly the fairest, most transparent rewards program ever created with all data on-chain. The entire MetFier rewards program is based on smart contracts that cannot be altered.

N.B: MetFiers are not required to personally refer an NFT purchase to participate in the MetFier Rewards Program.