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The Solution

Whilst the smart contracts and ecosystem mechanics are incredibly complex and revolutionary, MetFi DAOs user-friendly experience and the benefits of joining the MetFi community are easily understood by the masses, setting the stage for sustainable global mass adoption of the MetFi protocol.

By placing the interests of the MetFi community first, and by providing all MetFi NFT holders with sustainable MFI Multiplier rewards (MFI tokens that multiply into more MFI) simply for staking MFI tokens to their NFTs with the option to swap their MFI for treasury assets that they can sell, at the very least, every MetFi NFT holder now has a potential, long-term revenue stream and hedge against inflation which is so important to so many people, particularly in the current geopolitical and macro-economic landscape.

MetFi was created for the people, not for an individual or company so the website and DApp can be read in 5 languages – Spanish, Italian, French, Chinese and English with more languages to be added.

Deal-Flow and Investing

MetFi DAOs treasury receives BUSD in exchange for NFTs and MFI tokens. The treasury uses these funds to invest in the most promising, early-stage Metaverse and Web3 projects that individual investors rarely gain access to, sharing treasury assets with the community - flipping the entire angel investor and venture capital model on its head by aligning the interests of the project, the investor, the influencer, and the community into one synergistic, frictionless ecosystem from day one!

The community benefits by receiving NFTs that multiply MFI, and seed-stage access to many Web3 projects, spreading and minimizing their overall exposure and risk.

The Project Proposal Committee (PPC), an experienced, multi-disciplined team of experts reviews and vets every investment proposal with a fine-tooth comb, and only the worthiest Web3 projects are presented to the community who vote on-chain whether they want the treasury to invest in the project or not and on the amount of funds they want to see invested.

The community will at times receive priority whitelisting opportunities for token pre and public sales, NFT pre and public sales, alpha/beta testing of the projects product and so much more from the projects that our DAO invests in - an example being all MetFi NFT owners gaining alpha stage access to the Big Time metaverse.

The projects that MetFi invests in benefit by instantly gaining a ready-made, educated and engaged community that is invested in their project from day one. MetFi DAOs incubation program will nurture their project, introducing them to some of the most talented individuals and teams in the world spanning multiple verticals and disciplines, not to mention the co-branding and cross-promotional opportunities that will come. Some of these projects could become unicorns aka billion-dollar projects and the community has a claim over the treasury assets.

MetFi controls its own liquidity via the minting and burning of tokens under very strict, predefined conditions (Treasury).

Web3 projects can apply for funding by completing our application form.

100% On-Chain

MetFi has deployed an incredibly robust and innovative on-chain ecosystem built for long-term sustainability with the underlying intent of benefiting humanity, the MetFi community, promising Web3 projects, and the broader crypto sector as a whole.

This comes with all of the associated first-mover advantages which also brings great responsibilities and challenges that the DAO is acutely cognizant of and capable of keeping multiple steps ahead of.

With that said, MetFi DAO needs to capitalize on these advantages and it is its responsibility to build a large, loyal and engaged community as quickly as possible. A strong community of MetFiers!

Having such an innovative product, MetFi can’t take the slow, traditional organic route of community building. It also doesn’t want to spend other people’s money on marketing campaigns that may fall well short of their intended objectives.

Looking at our strengths, which include our immutable ledger of transactions and transparency on the blockchain we developed a system that best leverages our strengths to build a community with on-chain tools.

MetFi Community aka MetFiers

MetFi is an efficiency-focused and results-driven DAO with the purpose of serving the little guy aka the average crypto investor by giving them seed-stage access to the world’s best Web3 projects.

Most people love to share a great project with people that they believe it may benefit, it’s human nature. So rather than build a community spending other people’s money why doesn’t the DAO pay the MetFi community to share its product with the world – after all, that’s what crypto influencers are paid to do every day without guaranteed results.

Our community knows our product better than most influencers ever will and they have a vested interest in MetFi DAOs success so it made perfect sense to pursue an organic, results-driven community growth strategy that further supports and incentivizes the MetFi community.

MetFier Rewards Model

Inspiration was drawn from the influencer and affiliate models as they ticked many community building boxes but there were still some innovations that needed to be made if the DAO was to go down that route, such as:

  1. Rewards must be distributed instantly and on-chain,

  2. DAO must not accumulate reward liabilities – no debt,

  3. All transactions must be immutable and indisputable, on-chain,

  4. The rewards model must be locked in a smart contract that cannot be changed,

  5. MetFiers must have the option to build an asset that can later be sold on-chain,

  6. Transparent reporting, on-chain,

  7. Multi-language frontend, backend and documentation.

MetFi achieved all the above points and baked its Metfier Rewards model into the code.

The Metfier reward mechanics are locked in a smart contract so when an eligible reward event occurs all eligible Metfiers instantly and automatically receive a BUSD reward in their private wallets ensuring that it is impossible for liabilities to accumulate.

No marketing teams, no human intervention - just transparent, immutable results-driven BUSD rewards for the MetFi community that the protocol was designed to serve!