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Platform Parameters

MetFi DAO built the protocol to run as autonomously as possible however some manual interventions need to be executed from time to time, including:

  • Creating a new liquidity pool pair,

  • Adding liquidity to the liquidity pool,

  • Removing liquidity from the liquidity pool

  • Parameter setting changes to process MFI token buys from the MetFi DApp,

  • Applying a discount percentage to MFI tokens purchased from the MetFi DApp,

  • Activating token treasury buybacks and burns,

  • Initialization of a treasury/system liquidation,

  • Treasury spends such as investments or payments for DAO services,

  • Adding new assets to the treasury.

Manual interventions require 3 of 5 DTF members to sign on-chain via multi-sig for it to be executed.

Some of these parameters must be done manually while others can be set up at the time that a proposal has been put to a DAO vote with the intended change self-executing on-chain upon the conclusion of the DAO vote agreeing to the said change such as a treasury/system liquidation or treasury spending excluding for the provision of liquidity.

There is a wide array of possibilities to extend the functions of the treasury in the future such as adding new assets for the treasury to invest in, providing liquidity and tracking, and adding new rewardable products e.g. early access tokens to new projects, metaverse NFTs such as land sales, etc. There may even be a request to add additional NFT levels and matrices to the MetFier rewards program at some point.

All of the aforementioned requests require additional development and smart contract deployment.

It is in the DAOs’ best interest to strive for maximum automatization and direct vote-on-chain execution. With further development, additional tasks may be possible to perform without DTF intervention.

As stated earlier in Voting Proposals there are some tasks that are best handled discreetly.