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Unstaked NFTs

An NFT holder can unstake their NFT at any time. Once the tokens are unstaked the NFT is burned and you will receive an “art-only” NFT for each of the NFT levels that you had. These NFTs do not have any function on the MetFi platform but are only a graphical representation of the NFT levels you once held. You are free to do with them as you please. To use them outside of MetFi you will need to import them into your wallet and/or connect to a compatible NFT marketplace.

Unstaked NFTs permanently lose their place in the matrix, the referral link becomes inactive, the rebases cease and the staked tokens are sent to your wallet minus a 10% unstaking tax which is sent to the treasury and burned. All future MetFier rewards go to the treasury.

N.B: The unstaking process takes 7 days.

The unstaked NFT contract is: