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NFT Transfers

NFT owners can easily transfer their NFT to another DeFi wallet using the Transfer NFT function in the DApp on the ‘My Account’ page. There is a 10 BUSD transfer fee which goes to the treasury plus a small BNB gas transaction fee for using the service.

Alternatively, the NFT owner can do a manual transfer to another DeFi wallet however this is a more technical process that is more prone to errors and should only be attempted by more experienced DeFi wallet users. Manual transfers also incur a small BNB gas transaction fee.

Upon receipt of the NFT the receiving wallet is the new owner of the NFT and everything that comes with it including all staked MFI, matrix position etc so all future MFI Multiplier and BUSD rewards are sent to the new owner - literally everything is bound to the NFT so proceed with caution as once the NFT has been transferred the transaction cannot be reversed.