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NFT Marketplace

To accommodate easy, frictionless, transparent and secure buying and selling experiences of MetFi NFTs – the MetFi Marketplace was built so that all NFT holders can sell their NFTs with all of the embedded critical data such as NFT level, staked MFI, matching bonus status and MetFier Rewards earned visible, verifiable and filterable on their screens enabling buyers to make an informed buying decision.

Buying from the MetFi marketplace gives all potential buyers an extra level of comfort and security. Likewise, sellers can sell their NFT knowing that they will receive the agreed purchase value in MFI or BUSD and not have their NFT stolen.

Sellers currently have the option to sell their NFT for MFI or BUSD with more token options to be added later including tokens that have been added to the platform such as BTCB, ETH, WBNB, as well as the tokens of the projects that the DAO invests in.

The entire MetFi community benefits from the 10% selling fee that the treasury receives when each NFT is sold. When an NFT is sold for MFI the 10% selling fee is automatically converted to BUSD and sent to the treasury.

For user convenience and reduced friction the marketplace can exchange tokens on the fly allowing anyone to buy an NFT with MFI even when the seller lists it for BUSD and vice versa. For example, when a seller lists in BUSD and a buyer purchases with MFI a smart contract automatically swaps all of the MFI for BUSD on the PancakeSwap MFI/BUSD liquidity pool, sending the 10% BUSD selling fee to the treasury with the remaining 90% BUSD sent directly to the sellers wallet, all in the one transaction.

In future, it may also be possible to facilitate the buying and selling of marketplace NFTs with other tokens and also make them interchangeable with MFI or other tokens

The marketplace will expand in Q1 2023 when the Treasury Claims and the Lending & Borrowing modules are deployed.

N.B: NFTs that are in the process of unstaking cannot be listed for sale and will generate an error message and if your NFT is already listed for sale and you transfer your NFT to another wallet or begin to unstake the NFT your marketplace listing will be cancelled and the unstaking process will begin (Unstaking MFI).

You can buy an NFT with the same wallet that holds your existing NFT. Once you've bought the NFT a dropdown appears that allows you to select which NFT you want to interact with in the DApp.