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Minting NFTs

Newly minted NFTs can only be purchased from the MetFi DApp. NFTs are purchased with BUSD. Standard gas transaction fees on BSC are paid in BNB with a recommended minimum of 0.01 BNB required.

Users login and connect to the DApp with a BSC-compatible DeFi wallet such as TrustWallet or MetaMask but any WalletConnect compatible wallet should work. Once inside the DApp, the user selects the NFT that they wish to purchase and any additional MFI tokens that they want to buy and stake to the NFT.

Buying additional MFI tokens is recommended (Balanced Staking Strategy) but remains optional.

10% of the value of each NFT purchase is gifted to the buyer as complimentary MFI tokens and automatically staked to the highest level NFT at the time of purchase.

Affiliates can choose a username (for free) that will serve as their referral link at the time of their first NFT purchase. Skipping this step will create a system-generated username that the user may wish to change at a later date. The username is stored on-chain in the NFT so changing it later will incur a small gas transaction fee. Customers are not given usernames but will be asked to choose one if they elect to become an affiliate.

The new user may or may not be asked to enter the username of a referrer. If the user accessed the DApp via a referrer link the referers username will be displayed and it cannot be changed because the referrer data is stored in the purchaser’s web browser after the DApp has loaded and will remain until the new user purchases an NFT – only then will it be cleared from the web browser.

If the new user did not click a referrer link to enter the DApp they may be asked to enter the username of a referrer, if they don’t have a referrer they can ignore this field and complete their NFT purchase.

When a new user is interacting with the DApp for the first time and is purchasing an NFT they will need to approve the spending of BUSD in their wallet – this action does not give MetFi the ability to spend any of your BUSD without your explicit prior consent which occurs in the next step.

After approving that BUSD can be spent on the MetFi platform the user is presented with a refreshed button which when clicked asks them to Approve the purchase of the NFT and any additional MFI tokens that they are purchasing – this is when the price of the NFT and any additional MFI purchased is deducted from the users wallet.

After the NFT has been purchased it is placed in the appropriate matrices and the purchaser gains full access to the MetFi DApp.

Each individual wallet represents one account that is linked to each NFT collection in the MetFi ecosystem.