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Gifting NFTs

The DApp has an in-built gifting function that allows any existing NFT holder to gift a newly minted NFT to another wallet. The backend process works the same as minting an NFT with a few differences:

  1. Usernames are system generated and cannot be changed at the time of gifting; the person receiving the gifted NFT can change it later,

  2. You will be the referrer and this cannot be changed,

  3. You choose if the recipient will be a customer or affiliate,

  4. You enter the DeFi wallet address of the person that is receiving the gift,

  5. You pay for the NFT, any additional MFI tokens that you wish to gift, and the gas transaction fee.

N.B: If the receiving wallet already holds a MetFi NFT an error message will appear and the transaction will fail. Each wallet is one account in the MetFi ecosystem.