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NFT Functions

MetFi NFTs:

  • Hold staked tokens
  • Determine APY percentage
  • Determine matrix placements
  • Determine and receive rewards
  • Increases governance voting power

Your NFT holds all of your staked MFI tokens.

Your NFT calculates the APY rate to generate yield.

Higher-level NFTs increase voting power with some providing 10 to 20 times the voting power per staked MFI compared to MFI that are not staked to an NFT.

In the MetFier Rewards program, each NFT level #1 to #10 represents a position in a corresponding matrix.

For instance, when you buy a Shrimp (NFT #1) it opens Matrix #1 and places your NFT #1 in it. When you upgrade to say a Dolphin (NFT #5) it opens Matrixes #2, #3, #4, and #5 and places your Dolphin NFT #5 in all 5 of your matrixes. You need to buy the preceding NFT level before you can buy the next level of NFT but to keep it simple you can purchase as many NFT levels as you like in one transaction, up to a maximum of 10 NFT levels.

MetFier rewards are instantly and automatically distributed to all eligible NFT holders’ wallets in BUSD via smart contracts.

Every NFT holder has a referral link that when clicked and an NFT is purchased by a 3rd party a permanent reward relationship is established between the 3rd party’s NFT and your NFT.

N.B: Your account, APY %, matrix structure, MetFier rewards, and referral link are hardcoded to your NFT, not your wallet. If you transfer your NFT to another wallet all of the account data and benefits are transferred to the receiving wallet, making it possible for NFT holders to sell their NFTs on the open market.