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Customer vs Affiliate NFTs

Anyone can buy and mint a new NFT as either a customer or affiliate - both NFTs (for the most part) have the same core benefits.

You can think of a customer NFT as a user only account that generates MFI Multiplier and ‘passive’ MetFier rewards while an affiliate NFT is also a business account.

Affiliate accounts have more content and tools inside their Decentralized App (DApp) that help affiliates to manage their business such as marketing materials, MetFier Rewards tracking and matrix reports.

Affiliates have 2 unique referral links that they can share with potential customers and affiliates while customers do not have any affiliate links (Referral Links). When a new user clicks your referral link or types your username into the field provided and buys an NFT they receive instantaneous BUSD rewards in your DeFi wallet.

Customers can become affiliates and receive their referral links for free by opting in at the bottom of the ‘My Account’ page inside their DApp however affiliates cannot become customers.

N.B: Customers receive ‘passive’ BUSD MetFier Rewards anytime an NFT is placed in any of their matrices.