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MetFi NFT Collection

MetFi NFTs are at the core of the MetFi ecosystem. All MetFi NFTs are based on ERC721 standard and compatible with all marketplaces that support BSC.

After purchasing an NFT it is held on the BSC and displayed in your wallet. The NFT owner always retains full control of the NFT and is free to do with the NFT as they please.

Interacting with the NFT outside of the MetFi ecosystem requires a wallet that supports BSC NFTs such as Metamask or TrustWallet. Additional instructions on how to configure wallets and the information that needs to be imported can be found in the FAQ section of the MetFi app or Discord.

After importing the NFT to your wallet it will be displayed as MetFi Unicorn Staking. All active NFT levels are represented as a single NFT. Meaning that if the holder has NFT levels 1-4 (Shrimp, Crab, Octopus, Fish) they will only see the highest level NFT in their wallet, in this example, Fish.

Conversely, all inactive (unstaked/liquidated) NFTs levels are represented as a separate NFTs.

MetFi NFT contract address and ID are displayed in the app under “My Account”.