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MFI Token

The MFI token is a BEP20 token on the BNB Smart Chain (BSC). There are no sales taxes on the token. It has 3 main functions:

  1. Staking for yield
  2. Staking for a proportionate share of the treasury
  3. Governance over the MetFi DAO

The token is deeply integrated with MetFi NFTs. Holding a MetFi NFT with staked MFI tokens grants the holder their proportionate share of the treasury and significantly increases the holder’s voting power which gives the holder a direct influence in MetFi DAOs direction, including which projects MetFi DAO invests in and incubates.

MFI tokens are openly traded on PancakeSwap. Native liquidity is provided as an MFI/BUSD pair which is also being used by the protocol to execute token buys and token buybacks.

Trade MFI on PancakeSwap (MFI/BUSD Pool)

MFI is a rebase token that can be minted or burned solely by the treasury when predetermined functions defined by the smart contract are triggered (Treasury).

MFI is fully ERC20 and EVM compatible meaning the token can be held on any Ethereum-based wallet and has the foundational code for cross-chain interoperability.

MFI is also compatible with services such as Multichain (Anyswap) which opens up the future possibility for MFI to become a multichain protocol.