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Project Proposals

Web3 projects seeking funding need to complete the application form for the project proposal review process to begin. If an applicant has not received a reply within 14 business days of their full submission it means that the PPC hasn’t finished the review or the application was denied.

All applications will be reviewed and contacted if the PPC would like to learn more about the project. Once the PPC is satisfied that the project is worthy of investment the PPC will present the project to the MetFi community for a DAO discussion and potential governance vote.

The PPC should only present their findings and proposals to the community after the project has been thoroughly vetted multiple times and only the best proposals should be shared with the community in the MetFi Discord, where the community can discuss each proposal with PPC members that will answer their questions.

If the community requests it then the PPC will try to host an AMA with the core project team in Telegram, Discord, or any other service that can record the AMA so that community members can consume it at their leisure.

It would be helpful to the community if the project team members joined the community conversation in the official MetFi Telegram and Discord.