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Project Proposal Committee (PPC)

The Project Proposal Committee (PPC) is comprised of 12 community members appointed by the DAO using the same voting and vetoing processes as the MetFi DTF.

The appointed PPC members should collectively have a very broad and complementary range of skills and experiences with each PPC member adding unique value to the project proposal review process, especially within their strongest disciplines.

The PPC should be comprised of analysts, developers, tokenomics experts, seasoned and accredited, investors with a successful investment pedigree, as well as other experts in the crypto and blockchain space that would add value to the PPC proposal review process, especially, but not limited to Metaverse and Web3 projects.

Their role includes but is not limited to identifying and analyzing official project proposals, conducting interviews with project founders and their core team, reviewing their career history, reviewing their references, analyzing their roadmap, tokenomics, business plan, and much more.

As MetFi grows the DAO may vote to make certain amendments such as the creation of specialized “mini” PPCs that focus on particular niches such as blockchain games, metaverse projects, NFTs, and yet-to-be-invented or identified niches that the DAO may be interested in exploring for investment purposes.