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Voting Proposals

Anything affecting MetFi DAO can be proposed to be put up for a vote. Votes can be proposed by any Discord member that is also a community member in the official MetFi Discord channel and if the proposal gets significant support via e.g. emoji responses (yes or no) in favor then the proposal must be created by the DTF and posted on Snapshot for a community vote as soon as it is reasonably possible to do so.

Official votes can only be set up by an appointed MetFi DAO DTF member that has been elected.

Daily tasks such as parameter changes should not be voted upon. If the community is not satisfied with the parameter changes that are being made, or some of the other tasks that need to be performed daily to keep the MetFi ecosystem operational they should veto all MetFi DTF members that they believe are not satisfactorily executing the role of a DTF member.

MetFi DAOs ecosystem is incredibly complex and seemingly very minor parameter changes can have a dramatic knock-on effect on many different parts of the protocol and ecosystem. Only a person with a very deep understanding of the impact that each parameter change will have on every other part of the ecosystem should be allowed to perform parameter changes.

There may be tasks that need to be done without public announcement as they might get front-run. Such tasks may include buying and selling of assets, providing and removing additional liquidity or listing on exchanges. There should be careful consideration of having a public vote on such tasks.