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Voting Process

Voting on MetFi DAO proposals is easy and free. Each community member signs in at using the same wallet that they are holding their MFI tokens and/or MetFi NFT in. After connecting your wallet, you can view all current proposals that you can vote on, as well as all historical voting proposals that have closed.

You simply need to cast your vote on each proposal and sign the gasless transaction with your wallet. The voting platform calculates your voting power using the voting power calculation formula that is explained below (Voting Power).

After the allocated voting period for a proposal has passed, all votes are calculated and the decision is passed. The decision can be either automatically executed or they may need to be executed manually such as when the treasury invests in a Metaverse or Web3 project or buys a new token/asset such as BTC for the first time

To ensure that the vote is fair and unable to be manipulated by sending MFI tokens, or sending MetFi NFTs to other wallets after a vote has already been cast, a snapshot of the voting power of every wallet is taken before the voting period begins and the voting power of each wallet for each proposal is recorded and this cannot be changed even if the number of MFI tokens or MetFi NFT level of that wallet changes during the voting period.