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Voting Power

All NFT and MFI tokens held in a DeFi wallet have the right to cast a vote, but it is in the best interests of MetFi DAO and its community that the more committed community members should be granted more voting power.

MetFi community members that are holding a MetFi NFT with staked MFI tokens are deemed as more committed to the MetFi ecosystem than a person that is not holding a MetFi NFT with staked MFI tokens so their votes carry more weight.

Votes are calculated as such

MFI staking level Number of votes per MFI
Unstaked MFI 0.1 vote
Shrimp – NFT #1 1.1 vote
Crab – NFT #2 1.2 votes
Octopus – NFT #3 1.3 votes
Fish – NFT #4 1.4 votes
Dolphin – NFT #5 1.5 votes
Shark – NFT #6 1.6 votes
Orca – NFT #7 1.7 votes
Whale – NFT #8 1.8 votes
Whale Shark – NFT #9 1.9 votes
Humpback – NFT #10 2 votes

The differences in voting power reflect the level of commitment that each person has made to the MetFi ecosystem and helps to ensure that the long-term vision of committed MetFi NFT holders has a greater likelihood of steering MetFi DAOs direction.

MetFi was created with a long-term vision in mind, identifying, investing in, and incubating early-stage Metaverse and Web3 projects that have the potential to become unicorns and sharing the returns with the MetFi community.