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MetFi Daily Task Force (MetFi DTF)

Voting takes time and needs to be conducted in an orderly manner. For these reasons, MetFi Daily Task Force (MetFi DTF) members will facilitate the voting process after having being appointed and selected via a DAO vote.

MetFi DTF consists of 5 community members that were selected by the community to fulfill important tasks on behalf of the DAO. The DTF should be community members that are independent of each other and do not have any form of relationship that would persuade them to form an alliance and work against the best interests and wishes of the DAO.

MetFi DTF tasks include but are not limited to:

  • Posting official voting proposals on Snapshot,

  • Adjusting MetFi platform parameters,

  • Website, DApp and node maintenance,

  • Manual execution of voted proposals that cannot be executed automatically on-chain,

  • Any other tasks that are critical to the MetFi ecosystem that requires a timely execution as there may not be enough time to arrange a proposal and vote.

The typical voting period on proposals should be 3-days but this could be shorter or longer on occasions. If a task needs to be performed quickly the DTF has the authority to execute it.

Each MetFi DTF member has the authority to create and post an official voting proposal without the prior approval or support of another DTF member.

All manual tasks, including but not limited to, platform parameter changes, treasury spending, and any other critical financial tasks must be signed by at least 3 of the 5 MetFi DTF members via multi-sig for the said action to be executed.

Voting to select MetFi DTF members can begin when the Discord server reaches a minimum of 1,000 daily active users for 7 consecutive days, excluding bots.

The process begins with a vote agreeing that DTF members are to be appointed. If passed, a community proposal of eligible candidates will be requested. First, each member that would like to take on the responsibilities of being a DTF member needs to enter their details on the DTF nomination list.

Each active Discord member can then cast a simple vote for their preferred candidate on Discord. The 50 members that receive the most nominations will be the candidates for the vote – bots cannot be candidates. The candidates that receive the top 5 most votes will form MetFi DAOs first DTF. Votes from bots will not be counted.

DAO members have the right to veto any DTF member individually through an open monthly vote of all DTF members. When a DTF member receives enough veto votes in the monthly vote the DTF member will be automatically removed from the DTF and the DTF selection process to replace the removed DTF begins by nominating 15 candidates and culminating in a vote to replace the removed DTF member. The removed DTF member can immediately re-nominate, become a candidate, and be re-elected. Enough veto votes mean at least 33% veto votes of the average number of votes for the last 5 closed voting proposals.

The DAO may decide to compensate one or more DTF members for their time from treasury funds if it so pleases.