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Bright Future

MetFi is set for a bright future. Without any marketing or prelaunch announcements, MetFi has attracted over 1,000 NFT holders in its first 21 days of operation. The MFI token has been ranging between #5 - #20 on the CoinGecko 7-day biggest gainers list since June 3, 2022, peaking at #5 with almost double the volume of #1 - #4. It reached a peak daily trading volume of over $1.5 Million in its first 21 days of trading. MFI is #3 on the 14-day biggest gainers list at the time of writing.

The MetFi community recognizes the quality and long-term potential of MetFi DAO and is expecting a large, loyal and knowledgeable community will grow relatively quickly as the world learns about MetFi DAO. This community will generate new ideas that will take MetFi to new frontiers.

Even though MetFi DAO is live and fully operational it is already looking forward to more innovations. Following are just a few ideas that are worth considering for future implementation.