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There are essentially 2 types of NFTs today…

  1. Collectible NFTs - subjective and speculative digital art that has the potential to increase in value if demand outstrips supply.

  2. Utility NFTs - additional utility that adds value to an NFT such as community membership, benefits and rewards for the NFT holder.

MetFi NFTs have baked-in utility such as MFI Multiplier (DeFi staking), governance, a stake of the treasury, a claim on the investments and assets that the treasury executes, community membership, as well as personal, early-stage access to some of the projects the DAO invests in such as whitelisting opportunities to pre and public sales and alpha/beta access to the products of the projects the DAO invests in – more utility is constantly been added to MetFi NFTs.

MetFi NFTs generate MFI Multiplier rewards every 12 hours.

‘NFTs and blockchain gaming continue to dominate the crypto sector with about 40% or $1.6 billion of all investments going there last month. Blockchain gaming and NFTs are leading the crypto vertical in all investment stages from seed to late-stage.’


MetFi DAO is extremely well-positioned to become a major investor and incubator in the fast-emerging blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors.