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There are essentially 2 types of NFTs today…

  1. Collectible NFTs - subjective and speculative digital art that has the potential to increase in value if demand outstrips supply.
  2. Utility NFTs - additional utility that adds value to a collectible NFT such as community membership and staking rewards.

MetFi NFTs are collectible NFTs with built-in utility like DeFi and community membership and the associated benefits that they bring from day one - the best of both worlds!

MetFi NFTs generate rewards every 12 hours per the staking protocol.

“NFTs and blockchain gaming continue to dominate the crypto sector with about 40% or $1.6 billion of all investments going there last month. Blockchain gaming and NFTs are leading the crypto vertical in all investment stages from seed to late-stage.”


MetFi DAO is extremely well-positioned to become a major investor and incubator in these and other fast-emerging blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors.