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MFI is MetFi DAOs native token on BNB Smart Chain (BSC). MFI has experienced very strong price appreciation since launching at 124 BUSD – just 3 weeks later, MFI was trading at around 2,500 BUSD, a 1,900%+ increase.

MFI entered the CoinGecko 7-day biggest gainers list on June 3, 2022, at #16 and consistently fluctuating between #5 - #12 at the time of writing. MFI is also #6 on the 14-day biggest gainers list.

Over 99% of MFI tokens are staked to MetFi NFTs - generating APY (compound interest) every 12 hours per the MetFi staking protocol that has been locked in a smart contract.

MFI tokens are purchased with BUSD on the MetFi platform (sometimes at a discount to the market price) and openly traded on PancakeSwap.

MFI Token Tracker: