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MetFi DAO deployed one of the largest smart contracts in blockchain history on May 21, 2022 with the underlying intent of benefiting and supporting the MetFi community, Web3 projects, and the broader crypto sector as a whole.

We have resolved what is possibly the largest, most systemic problem in the crypto space… the fact that the desires of early-stage investors conflict with the desires of the projects that they invest in and their communities - this needed to change for the sector to evolve so MetFi innovated.

MetFi is the investor, the incubator, the influencer, and the community rolled into one seamless experience - flipping the entire angel investor and venture capital model on its head by tightly aligning, and constantly recalibrating, the desires of the project with those of the investor, the influencer, and the community into one synergistic, frictionless and decentralized ecosystem where everybody wins.

The community wins by receiving sustainable MFI Multiplier rewards that drop new MFI tokens to all MetFi NFTs twice a day - plus seed-stage access to some of the most promising Web3 projects in the world - projects that individuals could rarely (if ever) gain access to - the community must approve of the investment for it to eventuate by voting on-chain so the community is invested in each project from the start.

The community will also receive whitelisting opportunities to some of these projects’ pre and public sales, alpha and beta access to their products which include blockchain games and so much more with the returns that these investments generate being proportionally shared with the community.

The projects that MetFi invests in win by instantly gaining an existing, large, and engaged MetFi community that is invested in their project from day one. MetFi sees Web3 projects through a corporate and institutional lens so MetFi invests in, and incubates them to that level by introducing them to its community and global network of advisors spanning multiple disciplines and verticals. Not to mention the co-branding and cross-promotional opportunities that will follow. Some of these projects we hope will become unicorns aka billion-dollar projects.

MetFi conducted a fair launch – zero team tokens, zero presales, zero preminting – 100% funded by the community for the community.

MFI is MetFi DAOs native token and its value has increased significantly since launching in a bear market. MetFi DAO cannot be rugged as 25,005 LP tokens locked in a smart contract for 5 years.

MetFi operates on smart contracts that have been independently audited by Certik and published on GitHub, allowing it to function in a decentralized and autonomous manner with the smart contracts operating autonomously via self-executing actions on an immutable set of instructions and algorithms that have been baked into the code, producing predictable results without any person ever being able to alter it.

MetFi owns and controls its own liquidity, giving MetFi DAO enormous flexibility to move swiftly on investment opportunities and adapt to prevailing market conditions.

MetFi DAO is 100% owned by its community of NFT holders and MFI token holders who vote on all significant matters affecting MetFi DAOs direction – the community always comes first - now and forever!

MetFi was built for the people, not for an individual or company.

We invite you to keep scrolling and learn more about MetFi DAO - you’ll be glad that you did.